Visiting Bogota The Neighbourhoods You Must Explore

Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, Colombia is a country that has moved far past its drug-riddled history. Colonial architecture, a vibrant art and music scene, culinary creativity and a hip party scene are some of the things that now characterize Bogota, the country’s capital city and it’s number one tourist destination. If you’re planning a visit to this city, we list a few neighbourhoods you must visit:

La Candelaria:

La Candelaria’s narrow cobbled streets, colourful cafes, and peaceful plazas are reminiscent of the city’s colonial past. The place is now teeming with street art thanks to the relaxed graffiti laws. While the entire city of Bogota offers tourists a glimpse of modern art, nowhere is it more pronounced than the streets of La Candelaria. From fantastic scenes painted over homes to over the top advertorial pieces commissioned by businesses, every street corner in La Candelaria is a feast for the eyes! There are plenty of graffiti tours arranged by locals – make sure you don’t miss one! Aseo y limpieza Bogota

Plaza de Bolivar:

This is a pigeon-filled square that’s surrounded by neo-classical buildings, colourful cafes, museums, and courtyards. The Plaza de Bolivar is Bogota’s main public square and takes its name from a Venezuelan- born military leader, Simon Bolivar. And if happen to visit Bogota in May, don’t forget to miss the Concierto la Esperanza – a music festival that draws music fans from across South America. And if you’re visiting during Christmas, don’t miss out on the festive fun that includes sound and lights show, carol singing, dance performances, and even recitals by the Bogota Philharmonic Orchestra.


La Candelaria isn’t the only picturesque neighbourhood in Bogota. Usaquen is a treat for lovers of colonial style architecture. It is also a place famous for Hacienda Santa Barbara – a courtyard that houses plenty of upscale stores and boutiques. The place is really fun at night thanks to the young and hip crowd that fill up the restaurants and nightclubs. There are many street food trucks offering a wide range of local delicacies

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